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What is SureBet or AssuredBets?

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  • Posted 05 Dec 2019
  • By Joseph in AssuredBets

Sure bet, Assured Bets, also known as arbitrage situation or arb is a state where a person who puts more than one bet for every outcome with numerous betting companies and end up making profit no matter what the outcome is.
A sure bet which is only 2-way, where there are just two opponents and if one wins then it definitely means that the other one loses, is the simplest form of arb. For example:

  • For scored goals it is TO1.5 – TU1.5
  • And handicap for scored goals it is F1 (-1.5) – F2(+1.5)

What is the origin of Arbs?

So basically, the bookmakers make available many different chances and the competitors switch the odds and set out highest possible chances. Therefore, in such a situation the chances get towards higher price then one ends up betting on the result with just one bookie and the opposite one with another. That’s how one is secure from losing completely and earn profits no matter what the outcome is.

Below example will explain the concept further:

WEFA Europa League: Fenerbahce – Borussia:

  • Sbobet sets out TO2.5 @ 2.02 and Marathonbet – TU2.5 @ 2.06.
  • The wager $50.49 on TO(2.5)@2.02 and $49.51 on TU(2.5) @2.06.

The revenue in above cases for every result is as follows:

  • 50.49 * @2.02 = $ 101.99 (scored goals 0, 1, 2)
  • 49.51 * @2.06 = $ 101.99 (scored goals 3, 4, 5 ...)

That is, by betting $50 + $50 = $100 gets $101.99 anyway, and the net profit is going to be $101.99 - $100 = $1.99. The ratio of Arb’s secured revenue to the money invested is called as profit to percent.
That is $101.99 - $100 = $1.99. Thus, it makes sense that betting $100 earns $1.99 so if a bet is placed for higher price then earning is going to be high as well.

Surebet Hunt

Although a sure bet can be searched for manually by calculating them on a calculator. However, the best and easiest way is to search automatically with a built-in calculator.

With the help of our B2B Strikes website, one can find numerous strikes and check their profitability and performance with the help of essential calculations.
There are many complex types of arbs, such as 3-way, 4-way, etc. Earlier we had considered to keep B2B odds comparison of ours but conversion of traffic through strikes website turned out to be significantly higher and now we strongly recommend to run a strikes website.

Sure Bets – Guide to Sure Wins

As explained earlier, sure bet is a situation where a certain amount of profit is guaranteed because arbs place bets on different possible results of an event. This situation is also known as arbitrage. Assured bets have cases of Sure Wins where the arb bets with variety of bookies on different outcomes of an event to ensure profit, this way the arb earns profit regardless of the outcome.

Some of our B2B websites provide easy way to proceed with placing bets. in surebet websites just use filters in order to customize the strikes, choose the bookie of your choice and select number of outcomes required to place a sure bet. Furthermore, open the the calculator, where you can enter the net amount you are willing to bet on and the calculator will do the job by automatically calculating risk factor required for different result of an event.

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