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How to create iGaming Affiliate Website?

How to create iGaming Affiliate Website?
  • Posted 16 Sep 2019
  • By Jerry in Affiliates

Creating and launching and iGaming Affiliate website of course is not an easy thing. Without having a technical background and some basic knowledge about how websites work you will have to spend a lot of time and resources to achieve some results. There are 6 main steps to follow once you start creating your own Casino or Sports comparison websites.

  • Choose the exact vertical (Slots, Live Dealers, Bingo, Sports etc.)
  • Pick the right domain – consider as your main keyword
  • Write down technical description of the website you want to own
  • Gather a team of developers(Front End, Back End, Designer)
  • Pick and rent a dedicated server
  • Learn SEO or hire SEO specialist

Each of these steps requires significant concentration and attention. If you miss any of those points probably you won’t achieve your goal. Keep in mind that there are many Casino and Sports comparison websites in the market so you need to come up with a new approach or deliver something really different from what people have already seen.

In average every single day 5 new iGaming affiliate websites are being launched.


So before launching your own website make sure to have advantages over the others.

Time is money...

Building your own affiliate website from scratch will take time, resources and investment of your own energy. It still might get you to your goal but in case of failure you will lose a substantial amount of resources.

You will never earn back the time that is gone.


Why to risk so much? Why not to search for shortcut to your goal and may be find something even more than initially desired? Well, even if at some point you didn't then you are lucky enough to bump into this article since in the next sentence we are revealing Affiliate Builders. Affiliate.Builders is a B2B iGaming Affiliate website provider offering Casino comparison, Sports comparison, Esports comparison, Odds comparison and Sports statistics turnkey solutions. You can launch your own SEO-friendly affiliate website with unique design and robust performance index in just 2 weeks period.

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