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Top affiliate management software for iGaming | Video

Top affiliate management software for iGaming | Video
  • Posted 04 Apr 2020
  • By Jerry in B2B

Today we can easily access many articles and listicles about the best affiliate software and platforms in iGaming, most reliable operators in certain regions, and walkthroughs on starting affiliate marketing. But there is one part of the information that is either missing or just briefly covered.

Affiliate.Builders have prepared a review of five most popular and trustable affiliate management software solutions for casinos, sportsbooks, and P2P game providers.

What do these companies offer? What tools and features can help us grow our incomes and find more reliable players? Apart from our personal preferences, these systems all have unique strength and depending on your business you can choose the best fit for your platform:

  • PartnerMatrix
  • Netrefer
  • MyAffiliates
  • IncomeAccess
  • Egass

Watch detailed review and to choose what software fits your iGaming business the best:

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