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Why to choose Affiliate.Builders?

Why to choose Affiliate.Builders?
  • Posted 20 Oct 2019
  • By Joseph in Affiliates

It is a very fair question to ask why Affiliate Builders should be your choice and in this article we will answer it. In our previous post Jerry has touched basic to-dos/tools that is required to present in your arsenal on the way to owning and operating a casino or sports comparison website. Below you will see filtered list of only practical actions required to take:

  • Write down technical description of the casino or sports comparison website
  • Gather a team of developers(Front End, Back End, Designer)
  • Pick and rent a dedicated server
  • Learn SEO or hire SEO specialist

Technical Description

In the technical description you will have to set out every single detail of all sections, functionalities and user experience you want to offer to your customers. This point requires understanding of basic architecture of websites in order to write down competent technical description. Every single page has to be described in all possible details, what kind of sections should it contain, can the content be moderated by admin or only by technical person and so on. Keep in mind that the more customizability and control you want to have over your website the harder and more expensive it will cost to you. Not less important to mention that during writing technical description you need to put maximum effort in your consciousness otherwise missing a detail and adding it afterwards during development of your comparison website carries risks of substantial amount of double work by your technical team.

Less resources spent – less money wasted.

-Intelligent philosopher-

Development Team

In your development team you will have to gather Front End and Back End developers and an additional UI/UX designer. Depending on complexity of your project you might need more resources or less. Instead of hiring designer you can outsource that portion of your development which means paying more for the same result than in case of having own designer inside the team. Of course you can decide to outsource the entire project but it is still required to have a person who will be responsible for maintenance of your website. You won’t be able to take any action when there is a DDOS attack or a hacker attempting to access your DB via SQL Injection. Don’t underestimate risks of having your website down – 1 hour of downtime equals to loss of 1% of your loyal visitors hence within 3 days of downtime you will lose more than 50% of your traffic – source of income!

Dedicated Server

Choosing a server is not as trivial as you think it might be. Most of the hosting companies offer tremendous amount of services/packages with different descriptions. They might promise you to receive the full list of features, powerful RAM, unlimited bandwidth etc. within a shared hosting package called “Ultra Platinum" but in fact that’s not what you need. Shared hosting is not as reliable as it sounds. Actually what happens is that X amount of customers like you share the same hosting and after certain point when daily visits of your website increase to 200 users RAM of your hosting can jump to its maximum and your website will stop responding meaning it will awash all your traffic. That’s why shared hosting is nor reliable for serious projects but more for stage environment. Although being more expensive than shared hosting (proper server starts from 100 monthly), dedicated server remains the right option if your intention is to succeed with your project.

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.

-Abraham Lincoln-


Google is the most elevated site on the planet. Getting a small drop from of Google’s organic traffic is very important for your website. You can plan to advertise your site on different social platforms or even google adds but without proper SEO that grants constant flow of organic users to your website you won’t go far. Make sure to cover 2 main points of SEO:

  • SEO friendly website – technology-wise
  • Constantly updated fresh and unique content

First point should be anticipated and covered by your development team. To cover second point you should either hire an SEO expert or become an SEO expert yourself.


Every single point mentioned above should be respected and followed and only after that consequently you will be able to achieve significant success in iGaming affiliates industry.  The answer to the question “Why Affiliate Builders?” is because AB covers all the points mentioned above. Affiliate.Builders crafts SEO optimized, unique looking, robust and constantly evolving casino comparison, sports comparison or odds comparison websites where you just need to take care of your content, agree deals with different operators and start making money.

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